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In the 1980's using computer bible research techniques I began writing "Countdown to 6000" a biblical study of end times prophecy. It has been more than 30 years since that time. Since then many things have happened that have shed more light on prophetic subjects. That being the case I have done a completly new study of Revelation including everything I have observed and learned in the past thirty years. The new work is called "Revelation 2015."

The old work is still available by clicking on the "Home button" if you are interested in doing a comparison.

The main thing I learned from that writing to this is how little I knew back then. So many things have changed. God's word has not changed but many things that almost all prophecy students took for granted have had new light shed on them.

For a completly fresh view of the end times take a quick look at this new work. Being less than 100 pages long (give or take a few for .pdf conversion) it can be read completely in one evening by a fast reader.

I would be interested in hearing you comments, positive or negative at: countdownto6000@aol.com